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Business professor looking for phronesis

Mostly in Utah but this year also Berkeley and Oxford

I am an innovative business school management professor trying to bring humanity to the business curriculum, a former ski town mayor, and working on tikkun olam. I have two step-daughters, love the outdoors, art, and cooking.

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  1. Hope this guy goes to jail for a long time. The moral and legal outrages involved are many.
  2. A winter's tale I've been off for a couple weeks. Here's why: As many of you know, I managed to get pretty beat up on a trip to Mexico during winter break. My partner Kate, her 12 year old da
  3. Republican Jewish Coalition Says Santos ‘Deceived Us’ About His Heritage reports the NYT. When I grew up, I was taught that Jews were supposed to care about making the world a more just place. It baffl
  4. Confederate monuments at West Point? That’s crazy. From the NYT: The United States Military Academy at West Point will start removing Confederate symbols from its campus, including taking down a portra
  5. I’m reading the transcript of Cassidy Hutchinson’s deposition to the Jan 6 committee. Riveting. And sad. I can’t imagine how a young woman — in her twenties — held up to that pressure. Kudos, Ms Hutch
  6. Reuters reports this morning that Elon Musk “orders removal of Twitter suicide prevention feature.” #noam does Post have such? I suggest it should. And why would Musk do this?
  7. NYT reporting a sad, sad bonus season for investment bankers this year. 🐊 tears for sure.
  8. If Charles Rettig is still working for the US, he should be fired. It looks like he should be investigated too. The IRS audited Obama and Biden; why not T****?
  9. I’m listening to the Dec 15 episode of Fresh Air. Terry Gross is interviewing Rachel Maddow about her work on the sedition perpetrated against the US during WWII by, among others, dozens of people in
  10. T**** appointee atop IRS. IRS fails to conduct mandatory audits. Coincidence? Nah….Most corrupt president ever? Yup. What disgrace, but the man and his entourage feel no shame.
  11. @ Becca thanks, tj latkes we’re good. And mom liked the brisket! (Joan Nathan’s version but no coke (yuk); subbed in 1 T of tamarind paste.
  12. Humboldt County earthquake...I have family in Petrolia. I was a but worried because I hadn't heard from them all morning but happily I just did and they are ok. No power, and conserving phone charge.
  13. Sometimes you can make a difference... In my executive leadership class this fall we spent time on the importance of leading with compassion. I just heard from one of my executive students that he and
  14. Mexico travel conditions question. Planning a few days in Zihuatanejo before new years. The US State Dept says its employees can't go there (or anywhere in Guerrero). I'm not particularly concerned, bu
  15. Brisket for mom coming over tomorrow.
  16. I'm seeing a number of anti-antisemitism posts here by people who identify as non-Jews. That is heartwarming. I came across this marker at the Oxford, UK, botanical garden. Goes to show that antisemit
  17. Not the usual Hanukkah dinner...but the brisket and latkes are for tomorrow when mom comes over. Peppers, jalapeños, green onions, pine nuts, and pecorino.
  18. @feedback I'm getting error codes (413, 500) when trying to upload an image from my photo library on my MacBook Air.
  19. Anyone looking for a ski condo? Here is mine, which I'm interested in selling. Alta consistently is rated best snow, and Snowbird is next door. 45 mins from SLC international can get hom
  20. So the newly elected Republican representative from Queens and LI, George Santos, seems to have made up a bunch of stories about his life, work, and wealth, according to the NYT this morning. As a for

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