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Just wondering when my boomer friends got old and turned into their racist, sexist homophobe parents.

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  1. #BlackPost #Racist
  2. Did the House GOP read the constitution and I missed it?
  3. What does Trump mean in the last sentence?
  4. #WomensRights #Poetry #SocialPoetry #Women You claim it’s not about control but… First you banned abortions after 6 weeks Then you threatened my doctors if they performed one Then you threatened my frie
  5. I’m watching c span and it looked like Kevin said “one more” before they reconvened. Guess we will see how good my lip reading skills are.
  6. Has anyone told trump the reason of J6 pulling subpoena is they don’t need to pursue it. Knock knock Trump: Who’s there? Jack Smith Trump: Jack Smith who? Smith: Shut up loser. You’re coming with me.
  7. If you live in NY-03, you can write to complain about being defrauded by George Santos, so he doesn’t represent you. Please email to the following:
  8. I wonder what kind of COVID spike we’ll see after airport congestion and no masks?
  9. Whatever happened to Ali Alexander? Should we expect to see a J6 deposition transcript from him?
  10. Like this will ever make Fox News talking points! Their audience will never know.
  11. George Takei needs his own hashtag. #GeorgeTakei is here.
  12. Oh my! Look who made it!
  13. Welcome President Zelensky! Despite a few dumb asses, the USA is with you and UK!
  14. Tax Question

    How can you have an income loss but still pay hundreds of thousands in income tax? I’m just a 1040EZ kinda girl so I have no idea how it works, but that doesn’t make sense.
  15. My hashtag favorites disappeared
  16. The Q caucus is already threatening Senate Republicans who vote to pass the bill to fund the government. They will obstruct anything any R Senator who votes for it. They are starting to eat their own
  17. Sorry if I did not reply to some posts. I’m not getting all notifications. Not being snobby. I love to interact! Just oversight.
  18. Twitter question

    Why do people on Twitter tweet about changing the color of the “like” heart? I’ve seen it so often it stands out as a strange thing to lie about, because it is still red and it’s never been blue (at l

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