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I'm a Boston-based political & pop culture commentator & analyst at NECN, NBC LX, NBC10 Boston. I'm also a radio commentator, magazine, web and newspaper publisher. I'm the co-publisher of "Bay Windows", New England's largest newspaper serving the LGBTQ+ community, and "The South End News", a Boston neighborhood paper. I appear regularly on GBH's "Boston Public Radio", "Under the Radar" with Callie Crossley, & "Greater Boston". Twitter @SueNBCBoston, Facebook @SueNBC10Boston

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  1. In a year with some extraordinary performances, Danes takes an incredibly written script in an excellent series and elevates it to the moon. ‘Fleishman Is in Trouble’: How Claire Danes Pulled Off the B
  2. An important fact lost in much of the Twitter-files reporting and conversations: tech journalists have been reporting on this issue since at least 2018. Twitter executives made public statements about
  3. Talking plastics…and good news. Sitting in for Jim Braude on GBH “Greater Boston” today.
  4. Following the twists, turns, and confusing maze of the Elon Musk-era of Twitter? Nobody navigates it better than Kara Swisher Safety issues. Apple. Government oversight. An 'Elon phone'? It's all here.
  5. My semi-regular "definition of free speech" rant.

    It's so frustrating to see people throwing around the concept of "free speech" and the actual right to "free speech" as if they are interchangeable. One means "I can speak my mind." It does not mean th
  6. Welcome to a very special holiday-crossover episode of “The Last Sunday in November”

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