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Vermeer's Lost Son


Earth without "art" is just "eh"


Dutchie living in Socal. Illustrator/Visual Artist, mostly (pinup-)art on commission. Love Arts. I hate racism, injustice and prejudice.

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  1. "I want my MTV" A friend of mine wanted to have an '80s inspired work. What's more 80's then the birth of the videoclip ? She modeled for it as well, thank you Helen for your permission to post. [Origi
  2. #art A Gustav Klimt inspired work; Sonya. [Original size: 24" x 36"]
  3. "Liberty"

    Here's my first post on Post. I made this work, just after the troops left Afghanistan, but sadly enough it's still actual in lots of parts in the world today. [Original size 24" x36"]

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