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He/him. Writer. TTRPG nerd. Voracious reader. Happily married + proud papa of three incredible kiddos.

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  1. I forgot I’m on here again. Anyway, here’s some of me playing around in Procreate since I told myself I was going to spend more time creating in 2023.
  2. Being a #ForeverDM or #ForeverGM gets a bad spin, I think. Who among my fellow #TTRPG Post-folks enjoys running games more than playing in them?
  3. Okay, #TTRPG Post folks. What games are you hoping to run or play next year? My top five, in no real order: Scum And Villainy (resuming a campaign) Vaesen Wanderhome City of Mist Deadlands/SWADE
  4. My annual, semi-artsy TARDIS ornament picture.
  5. First post on Post. Interested in exploring. Where are my fellow #writers or #TTRPG nerds?

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