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Elizabeth Clark Pierce


Head Chihuahua Wrangler

Tucson AZ

Foster for AZ Chihuahua Rescue. A little blue dot in a sea of red.

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  1. My Fendi, Luc and Alexander
  2. I lost my little has put my head in a sad sad place...she was my first chihuahua and EVERYTHING people say chihuahuas are, barky, nippy, snappy, bossy as he** and the most perfect baby in
  3. It's raining here in Arizona...which means I have a herd of pouting dogs all of which will melt if a raindrop ever touches them happy Saturday! #DogsofPost
  4. I'm at a loss on WHY so many people think because twitter was asked NOT to post any d*ck pics of Hunter, it means the election was stolen...I can't connect those dots....
  5. I guess to start things out right here I'll start out with what happens when you try and make your dog wear a crown for his birthday... #DogsofPost.

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