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Paid paranoid. Equestrian. Grower of things.

Central Coast, CA

Science, nature, arts, society. Nerd-alert, probably not the cool kind. BG in Emergency Management & Pub Health. Lifelong learner, amateur everything. I’m probably reading your posts from the barn.

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  1. The collective grief the community has over the loss of this great cat is palpable. Beth’s words so eloquently capture what many of us are feeling today. You were a good boy, P-22. We all will miss yo
  2. Paused my social media use for a bit and came back to see the improvements Post continues to make to allow users to curate their experience here. Finding I want less of my previous bird TL and more en
  3. Interesting read on CA’s planning here.
  4. Ok I will be basic and start by asking where are my #horse peeps at? Looking for my #equestrians and others who enjoy #horseback riding, regardless of discipline or skill level. I joined Post for acce
  5. So far we have one from KC Tools, Nespresso, and Funko. Anyone else rocking the Advent calendar this year?
  6. This was one of my favorite Pivot episodes. It gave me an optimistic sense that the intent of this build is a thoughtful platform for flexible access to journalism with content moderation standards th
  7. This is a critical point. Until we add 2 factor authentication - go for unique (not something you use on other platforms) and long with numbers, letters and special characters.
  8. Looks like I’m late with the puppy tax, so will just double my payment to make everything right.
  9. Taking in that new platform smell, all fresh cut grass and optimism. Excited to be here!

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