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  1. Doubling down on double standards.

    Watching the double standard towards Taylor Swift is perfect for studying sociology and psychology of men and women. Examples: Taylor Swift seen drinking a beer in her private suite as a negative she needs to stop. Travis pounding alcohol an incoherently singing and stumbling...posi
  2. Congress and Clowns

    Kevin McCarthy denies elbowing a fellow congressman in the kidneys. Seriously? There are more serious things going on. Life and Death, our planet's health, our top military positions being held up by Tuberville, people homeless etc... Our Congress people are ridiculous. Of course
  3. Mitch McConnell should step down

    Mitch McConnell has severe health issues. He needs to step down. Two videos that aren't doctored shows he has a mental decline. Behind the cameras it is probably worse. Meanwhile, Biden is strong and sharp. That's why FOX has to doctor videos.
  4. Sharon Rodriguez abusing position needs to be removed!

    Sharon Rodriguez, the school board member and parent of 10 year old student in Florida should resign! Her type of craziness is unacceptable around the students. Stating her 10 year old's innocence was lost due to watching Strange Worlds PG Disney movie that was found by the investi
  5. Kash Patel gave $$ to the FBI Whistleblowers. Not a donation because they are not a non-profit organization. Kash Patel paid. Were the payments disclosed on their taxes?
  6. This dude is about to experience the “find out” part.
  7. Marjorie Taylor Greene needs to resign. That is all.
  8. So Mitch McConnell makes negative remarks about Trump and he "accidentally" falls and requires emergency care. I don't want to be Russian to collusions but sounds like someone's Putin on a warning.
  9. Trump continues "dog whistle" for violence.

    #trumpviolentprotests Here we go again! Trump is showing what a treasonous coward he is. He is making the case about his role in the insurrection. Proof again! He is making the case easier to validate an indictment. Justice needs to be served.
  10. What are we teaching our Senior students?

    As Senior year is concluding I am finding myself to be reflecting more on "what are we teaching" our young adults? $1000+ on Senior pictures $300+ on prom dresses....what are we teaching our future adu
  11. Republican candidate's wife arrested, charged with casting 23 fraudulent votes for her husband in the 2020 election
  12. #MAGAALERT this user feels off with their propaganda stories. Beware. Jpotezeb is a MAGA
  13. Selling off Christmas Memories. Beware!

    Final days of Christmas Break Why does it seem like the break flies by? With all the hoopla and errands galore we find ourselves binging on Netflix filling in our down time now. One kid back on campus
  14. Putin got maximum bang for his GOP bucks.
  15. #Missing #Chicago Cameron House 14 y/o Who got into a strange car and hasn't been seen since!

    Tony Ornato's "not recalling" moments that others had recalled with great detail sounds like he took advice to "not recall" as a legal ploy. Hutchinson was advised by a lawyer paid from $$ connected wi
  17. You are all loved and appreciated! Happy 2023! Now let's make the world a better place!
  18. I just called Wynne. Some poor girl had been scripted to not own that they ARE the company #Abbott uses to torture immigrants. She wouldn’t answer my question so that means e IS the transportation com

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