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Dave Williams


Procrastinator General

Dabbler, dilettante, fartaround if you like. Crossword clues, limericks, bad jokes, ambigrams, logos, fonts, passable cartoons.

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  1. Okay, how do I get this thing to not show me only US politics? Nice things in the UK is what I want to see. Pleasant people, clever people, entertaining people. I’ll say again though, I do like the serif font and the formatting options.
  2. Behold! The returning not-really-about-crosswords podcast!

    All together: “Every Sunday you’ll see, my sweetheart and me, as we...” witness the long-awaited return of #OffGridPod 😃
  3. Happy Christmas! Y’know, if nothing else, I love that the default font on here is a serif.

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