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Melissa Mallou


Liberal Texan


Twitter refugee (SkipToMallou). Animal lover. Retired editor. Love to travel. Enjoy baking (more enthusiastic than talented). Looking for civil discussions and humor. Appalled at what is going on in Texas.

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  1. If House Republicans had any sense of humor, they'd seat George Santos on a Committee that doesn't actually exist.
  2. Just heard that Lisa Marie Presley died, at age 54. I still remember when I found out her dad, my first celebrity crush, had died. Both gone way too young. 😢
  3. Happy 2023, folks!
  4. The USA keeps bailing out airlines, yet the airlines keep screwing customers and employees over while handsomely rewarding top executives and shareholders (and earning record profits). I propose a new
  5. My posts aren’t posting with Safari on a new iPad Air. Let’s see if Chrome works any better. And when I tried to report it, Post didn’t even recognize my user name and password, but I could log in wit
  6. Well, most of my holiday baking and candy making is (are?) done. Stopped when I got tired and started making mistakes—rest will have to wait for tomorrow morning. Last thing I made was a chocolate cre
  7. Greetings from Houston, where it is currently 19 degrees F (wind chill of 4 degrees F). We do currently have electricity and thus heat, thank goodness. But my house is old and drafty. I had to google

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