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  1. Can y’all repost this post to let folks know I’m on this dohicky?
  2. Interesting article!
  3. WAF factor

    I just realized that I’ve got a nice collection of plants that I have strategically placed on my audio system / speakers. Possibly to hide them in plane sight, you know, for the WAF factor.
  4. EV market in Europe has changed

    How Tesla was an EV marketleader in Europe for a few years, but plays no role anymore. Stellantis is the Chinese company behind MG, which has several EV models since a few years.
  5. Duck harbor at night

    Got a cheap night vision camera, searched the canal side near my house and found a dozen parked ducks sleeping 😂 Was not disappointed 🤩 (Date incorrect btw)
  6. 🤷‍♀️🤣
  7. a refresher
  8. Memo to the media: Please don't say inflation is at a 40-year high without also mentioning that corporate profits are at a 70-year high. Give the people the full picture.
  9. Addicted to drama

    If you are here and crave to go back to other platforms that offer more controverse you might be addicted to drama. It’s very human and very well exploited by many social networks, or even news outlet
  10. This weekend I want to sleep like my cat.
  11. Like this - until they’re done fighting and come over here as well ;-)
  12. Hi, also new here #FF Will you help me creating a list to follow? Thanks - I’ll follow back 👍🏼

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