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Co-founder of & Non-Resident Fellow at Baker Institute at Rice University. Formerly Cato Trade, WTO Secretariat. Posting about trade policy, current events, sports. Cheesesteak connoisseur.

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  1. The Globe and Mail is proud to launch as the first verified Canadian news outlet on Post.News. At a time when it's getting harder to access Canadian #news across the web, we are excited about the opportunity to share our award-winning journalism as widely as possible. Follow us tod
  2. Joey Chestnut already had my support and admiration, but now it's doubled. "Chestnut's favorite hot dog toppings are mustard and raw onions, but he also loves adding Cheez Whiz to his frank. 'Some people are so snobby and I'm like, 'Dude, Cheez Whiz is delicious,' he said. Cheez W
  3. While reading this WaPo article about Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova, my allergies kept kicking in and making me tear up.
  4. This is delusional: Former Vice President Mike Pence endorsed the Supreme Court’s decision to gut affirmative action programs at colleges and universities across the country, saying he does not believe there is racial inequality in America’s education system. “I really don’t believ
  5. Hi Posters, new, returning, and OG I would like to welcome you to Post and explain what we are trying to do here. We are trying to build a place where an idea can have more than 280 characters and debate is more than “You’re a Communist, You're a Fascist”. We want a place where yo
  6. "In his underdog campaign, Scott is seeking to form a coalition of traditional conservatives, evangelical Christians and moderate Republicans." More people entering the race seems like it is steering us towards Trump as the nominee, but I guess you never know.
  7. Many of my trade policy blog posts are pretty technical and not suited for a broad audience, but this one on the "Battle of the Gruyeres" may be of interest:
  8. My list of things to blog about keeps getting longer and it feels like it's going to be months before I get through it.
  9. "A professor accused his class of using ChatGPT, putting diplomas in jeopardy" This seems like a bit of a disaster. Universities should spend the summer developing clear rules here!
  10. From law prof Ilya Somin: "As a matter of logic and common sense, the equation of illegal migration and invasion makes little sense."
  11. This from law prof Jeannie Suk Gersen is worth considering: "Contemplating future media-stoked “stop the steal” campaigns, we ought to consider whether Elena Kagan had a point. What if democracy would be better served by narrowing the purview of New York Times v. Sullivan, reducin
  12. "For practically as long as men have existed, they have been in crisis. Everything, it seems, threatens them with obsolescence. As far back as the 1660s, King Charles II warned English men that a new beverage called coffee would destroy their virility, and in the early 1900s, opp
  13. I know it's way too early to worry about these things but ... yikes !
  14. Tommy Tuberville talks himself in circles on white nationalism and then ends up saying this woke (and I mean that in a good way!) thing: “You cannot have racists, okay, involved in anything that you’re doing. You can’t.” Would be nice to draw more Republicans into conceding this.
  15. There are moments in life, such as a game 7 of an NBA playoff series, where you question your choices, and wonder if you are spending your limited time on earth in an appropriate manner, and and ask whether obsessing about sports is really productive. But then you answer: Absolute
  16. "vegetables prepared properly are likely going to taste better than vegetables pretending to be ground beef."
  17. "Under Ramaswamy’s proposal, those who serve in the military or work as a first responder in areas such as police or fire for at least six months could still vote at 18. Otherwise, to vote before turning 25, citizens would be required to pass a civics test that mirrors the exam r
  18. "Videos and chat logs reveal Jack Teixeira’s preparations for a violent social conflict, his racist thinking and a deep suspicion of the government he served"
  19. When its #76ers -Celtics, I guess a game 7 is inevitable, but that was not a very good performance at the end of game 6.

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