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  1. By Robert Reich Friends, He will be remembered as one of the most dangerous politicians in living memory. He helped transform the Republican Party into a cult, worshiping at the altar of authoritarianism. He’s damaged our country in ways that may take a generation to undo. No, I’m n
  2. Mitch's Legacy Is What's Wrong With Politics

    Before somebody decries Mitch Boomer McConnell, he'd be mistaken. Mitch belongs to the last few years of the silent generation — that great generation that ended with kids born in 1946. Mitch was born 1942. By the time he formed any memories, the big war was over. In Mitch's late
  3. ‘This is B.S.’: Maddow shreds ‘cravenness’ of Supreme Court delaying Trump trial | MSNBC
  4. The Ultimate Check On A President's Power Is The Ability To Vote Them Out

    It's really hard to understand the decision, Wolf. I except that it is likely some of the Justices simply want to assist Donald Trump in delaying the resolution of this case in the hope of pushing his trial off past the election. If that were to happen then of course Donald Trump
  5. Where Is...?

    Why are we not going insane about the fact, that there's a Russian spy dropping [???] on the President of the United States, and the Republican Congress is the biggest megaphone like ...where is? Where is....? [ Tim Miller ]
  6. There Is Something Very Off...

    We still don't get the full picture with this snippet. [Ashleigh Merchant's Phone:] Do you think it started before she hired him? [Terrence Bradley:] Absolutely. It started when she left the DA's office and was judge in south fulton ...and another snippet 19 days later when Merchant
  7. If I were an egotistical jerk in a job where it is extremely hard to get fired, I would hedge my bet. Their "betters" from the sugar daddy billionaire class on the one side and a vindictive primary nominee with a party not interested in democracy... yep, I'd delay until I see whe
  8. Nukes In The Hands Of Megalomaniacs Are A Fact Of Life

    WWI history was largely written by the victors. Germany wasn't quite the aggressor they made them out to be in this war. It was Russia who wouldn't de-escalate the aggression. Let's recall false flag nuclear weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and a "preemptive defensive" war of
  9. I mentored a freshly self-employed person. He used me as sounding board and adviser on a daily basis. If you'd looked at my phone record and email exchange of said year you'd find his number show up every day and on some days even more than once. It wasn't the only time I found my
  10. Harr harr! Smoking gun. Nathan Wade's cell phone was 35 times in the area of Fani Willis' place. According to social media commentators all night. The other source I could find was the Guardian : The Georgia election racketeering case against Donald Trump and his allies hit another
  11. Misinformation Or Is It Disinformation?

    UGH! This is the second legal expert who either didn't read the bill or just repeated misinformation he heard from that Georgian Legal Ethics Prof who had the privilege to run his mouth before the affair was confirmed on the MSNBC platform. Dave Aronberg: He is the head guy. My pr
  12. It's Complicated...

    Roe v Wade struck a balance. Extremists in SCOTUS tore this balance down and Republican extremist state legislators enforced a minority rule on women with no regard for scientific and societal progress. They violate basic Constitutional law. Religious pious, megalomaniac egomania
  13. Reminder: Trump absolutely had no concept of how sensitive the material was, he stored in a high-traffic area. The part of the agency tasked with retrieving the national security material underestimated the sensitivity. They had to upgrade their clearance. Republicans want to entr
  14. Given that, Russia is currently far from a near peer. Knowing and observing Russia's claim on resources in the Arctic region reaching way into Canadian and US territory and Russian militarizing the coast in Siberia just as Russia militarized the border to Ukraine, aiding Russia i
  15. Rachel Maddow notes that with each new presidential election cycle, Russians have found ways to try to influence the outcome by some underhanded means. But while Russian interference has remained consistent, what has changed is the openness of Republicans to being the beneficiari
  16. Manafort shared internal polling with Russians running the troll factories. Clearly, people running those polls have very differing criteria when it comes to the clients they provide the polling for. This is not a conspiracy. This is an established fact. So keep this little morsel
  17. Fear Is Telling Us To Exercise Caution

    If the conviction of the mother and father of a school shooter for involuntary manslaughter scares parents in general that they might face charges for their children handling a gun unsupervised and resulting in injuries, it is not a bad thing. If parents exercise more caution, ke
  18. Winter Is Coming

    When Trump's grandfather and father have a less than stellar reputation, the issue is nurture. Having a brothel speaks to basic decency toward women passed on to his son. Being a member of the Ku Klux Klan speaks towards the attitude towards your fellow human beings and the ackno
  19. Next iteration is price according to geoprofiling and income like how far you have to walk to the competition or any other alternative and how much you can likely squeeze from the customer according to A-B testing.
  20. Speculation is not a lie. A lie is a deliberate falsehood. He can stipulate to errors and erroneous speculations. Bradley should reject the classification of his statement as a lie and express remorse about his communication with Ms Merchant. It was ill-advised and poor judgment.

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