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Support live music!🎸🎹🎼 Defend our democracy🇺🇸

A real American: the type who believes our democracy should be protected and defended. Buy that concert ticket, Take that vacation, Love who you ❤️

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  1. Yeah! Criminal referral for trump and Eastman and others for obstruction of justice to defraud the United States Conspiracy to make false statements Incite or assist an insurrection DOJ must act!
  2. I love the first heavy snow of the year. So much beauty.
  3. Beauty in the northern Nevada desert today.
  4. My First Post post

    My first post here! Happy to be back with civilized folks. The Center for Countering Digital Hate says since Musk took over Twitter, the # of posts: -with the "n" word have tripled; -slurring gay peop

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