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Let’s Go Pens!!! 🐧🐧🐧

Pittsburgh, PA

I love hockey.

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  1. a tiny #PostPlaces A frog living in a small temporary pond in our garden (photo my own). #gardening #wildlife restful life
  2. Can't bring myself to deactivate my account and delete the bird app just yet... ...but it's sure feels a lot more likely today than it did a week ago.
  3. Be patient with Post folks. It’s a new born baby and it will have growing pains as a big chunk of bird users flock over here.
  4. Those of us who live with chronic depression are never surprised when someone outwardly filled with light leaves prematurely. We know there is often zero correlation between a person's outward express
  5. I'll admit that I thought Twitter would turn out alright in the end. Not anymore.
  6. CNN has released a scathing response to Elon Musk suspending one of its reporters from Twitter. The language of the statement suggests to me that CNN and other major news outlets will be at Post short
  7. I can't escape the feeling that America is more than a little broken right now. We've just experienced the most tumultuous four-year Presidency in the history of our nation, antagonized by a reality T
  8. Hershel Walkers new pronouns are… Gurl, bye. 💅
  9. That about sums it up perfectly!
  10. Hi Posters, we are at 395K users on the waitlist and 140K who have activated their accounts. Today, I finished inviting all users who signed up before November 26th . If you have friends that are waitin
  11. Indeed. #SlavaUkraine 🇺🇦🌻

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