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Relentlessly positive, but also increasingly enraged left-leaning pro-everything-that-matters woke lib. I only repost what you need to know.

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  1. 🤣🤣🤣
  2. The final January 6th hearing is today, with trump possibly getting hit with three criminal referrals to the DOJ. Yes, please. 🙏
  3. Let’s go democracy!!!
  4. While we await the Jan. 6 committee’s criminal referral of Donald J. Trump, may it be further impetus for special counsel Jack Smith and the DOJ to expedite the criminal indictments. Are we not a nati
  5. This isn’t said often enough: Vladimir Putin is a murderous thug whose genocidal war against Ukrainians should lead to his prosecution and conviction for war crimes. That this will not happen anytime
  6. Marjorie Taylor Greene is appalled that a Georgia Walmart is selling sex toys and called it grooming, when as a sitting member of Congress she committed adultery with this nasty tantric sex guru. Way
  7. Yay, he’s here!
  8. New Rule: If you pay $99 for a digital Trump Trading Card NFT, you are not allowed to complain about inflation ever again.
  9. Musk encouraged everyone to vote Republican in the midterms, endorsed Ron DeSantis for president in 2024, and has repeatedly catered to far-right provocateurs on Twitter.
  10. Reposting so I can find again!

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