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  1. The greatest change is the most imperceptible.
  2. In which I reveal the prophetic path to divine knowledge:
  3. Report from my mission to the Holy Land:
  4. And Abraham Approached, part 1 - by Rabbi Shnayor Burton (
  5. For people to learn how to pray has become a matter of life and death (if prayer works). Next week, on my Substack, I will start a course that teaches how prayer works and how to pray. Subscribe now! …… #And_Abraham_Approached
  6. (1) Turning Sin into Merit - by Rabbi Shnayor Burton (
  7. The Rise and Fall of Ancient Israel, pt. 2 (
  8. Universalism vs. Particularism, #5 : Israel and the Nations in the End of Days - YouTube
  9. Read Chapter 1 of "Exodus, Exile and Redemption": Has Judaism Come to an End?
  10. The wrong suffering is: “This is wrong”; the right suffering is: “I feel this is wrong.” That feeling is right.
  11. Introduction to "Exodus, Exile and Redemption" (
  12. new book project

    I'm excited to announce a new book project entitled: "Exodus, Exile and Redemption: Decoding the Enigma of Judaism's Shifting Forms." Please repost and help spread the word!
  13. In my latest essay, I probe the depths of halacha for symbolic and powerful meaning. Read "Halacha and the Prophetic Mind," here:
  14. Man, formed in the image of God, spins the earth with the churnings of his mind.
  15. Read my latest essay, in which I chart a path to world-peace: The 70 Nations of the World - by Rabbi Shnayor Burton (
  16. The Land I Will Show You, sec. 2, chapter 3 (pt. 1) (

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