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Pro-democracy energy for days, Chief Haikuist

New York

Singer-songwriter, playwright, voice coach, choreographer, and theatrical blocking coach. Workshops and group lessons available for singing with your very best voice, starting at US$550 per person, a 1-hour intensive vocal work-out with me and a piano. UWS NYC USA. Pre-paid, so be on time. Skype and FaceTime lessons ok, we will use YouTube as an aide, to accompany work-outs for those times. (Rainy days, snow days, etc.) Once a week vocal work-out is the bare minimum, singers, if you're hoping to improve. (In both your vocal range, number of notes you can hit AND tone quality.) Sing sing sing. That's what I say. Find what you love and sing along with it. Laughing also builds the voice, so that is A+ time spent for any singer. Vote. It's using your voice.

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  1. little boxing cat: "Come on, man, put up yer dukes or give us two treats." #haikuteam
  2. Stifling the vote of the young people. #collegevote This is #votersuppression , MSM, don't let this story slip away #usnews #VOTE
  3. Cool pin, Jill! @jillwinebanks
  4. soon
  5. Handcrafted Jewelry by Shije the Singer

    Support artists. I am twisting up #handmade rings. Yes, I can make you one. What size? Sizes 4 - 13 Made in USA #oneofakindjewelry Ships from NYC Venmo, PayPal and Zelle ok --- Treat yourself --- :)
  6. Hi.
  7. Here's to Life

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