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You will know they are Christian by their love.

Wife, mother daughter, sister and friend. Retired RN with an interest in all things medical. Political junkie.

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  1. Right?!
  2. 👇 🇺🇸 For all their bluster, the GOP led House is failing Americans at the border. #GOPChaos #Fentanyl "Scanners that spot smuggled fentanyl at the border sit unused because Congress hasn't provided the cash to install them" #Congress #NoFunds
  3. Reposting so I can remember the dates. :)
  4. By Amanda Musa, CNN The US government’s free at-home Covid-19 test program will be suspended Friday, according to the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response. Since November, residential households in the US have been able to submit an order through fo
  5. This scares the crap out of me. History is repeating.
  6. Wherein John Oliver offers $1 million/year + a brand new RV to Clarence Thomas to "get the f*** off the Supreme Court!"
  7. #Food #Cooking #Eating #Recipes #Foodie #PNW #Cheese #Baking #PostFood Gougères are classic savory cheese puffs that are simple to make and one of my favorite things to eat. I’ve read that in high-end French restaurants they bring a small basket of these with a glass of Champagne
  8. Roosevelt got polio when he was 39 years old In 1946, the Mint placed President Roosevelt on the dime #marchofdimes #polio #FranklinRoosevelt #vaccines #presidentroosevelt #democrats #currency
  9. Rachel Maddow delivers a strong message on trump & putin.
  10. The new Trump-Barbie collection. Well played.
  11. What a day for the calendar We are one day from The Engoron! We are just 38 Sleeps from when Trump criminal trial starts on Manhattan 25 Mar AND WE ARE LESS THAN 3 MONTHS from when Trump becomes CONVICTED FELON, jury finds guilty on all charges (and he'll be GOP nominee for President
  12. In 2006, Dems endorsed a bipartisan immigration/border bill, which Republicans rejected. In 2014, it happened again. In 2018, it happened again. In 2024, it happened again. Maybe the GOP doesn't want to solve the problem?
  13. lovely
  14. 😂 I needed this laugh today. And the movie looks wonderful. 😃 #ryanreynolds #movies #IFmovie
  15. Know your history! The long downturn for the #American people started mostly with this guy, another #republican 👇👇👇
  16. New descriptor just dropped.
  17. By Sarah Jones & Jason Easley The Daily is a 100% reader-supported newsletter. We and our subscribers are fighting for democracy and freedom each day. We invite you to make our effort stronger by becoming a subscriber. Trump Refuses To Sign Pledge That He Won’t Attempt To Overthrow
  18. These "republicans" just can't govern to save their soul. They just accuse and argue. I am so over it.

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