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Retired Swedish international. Small d democrat.

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  1. "Sir, an orange jumpsuit would match your makeup perfectly. People will be so impressed."
  2. Locked out of my Twitter account for telling folks I’m on Post and Mastodon. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Leading causes of death for U.S. children ages 1 through 18: • 19% — guns (up from less than 10% two decades ago) • 18% — motor-vehicle crashes • 8% — cancer • 7% — drug overdoses • 6% — suffocation
  4. If just 50-55% of voters participate and the outcome is a close 50/50 split, that means you’re letting about 25% decide your future. I’m aware of voter suppression, but still, is that worthy of a demo
  5. Why on earth do you call it “football” in the States, when 95% of the game is played with your hands?! 🤔

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