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  1. Hello Jack Smith, I would like to know why Public Enemy No.1 is still on the loose. He's a danger to this country and the people in it. We believe in equal justice for all, as I'm sure you do. You know where he lives. He was spotted on the golf course, enjoying life. WTF #explore
  2. 26 mass shootings in July. In 6 days. It’s the guns.
  3. Tuesday was the world's hottest day ever recorded with a global temperature of 17.18°C (62.9°F) - CCI
  4. The vagueness of the law is the whole point..self sensoring teachers and stifling critical thinking. Instilling fear is the success the gop is looking for.
  5. 1967 #celebrity photo Anissa Jones Johnny Whitaker from the classic family sitcom "FAMILY AFFAIR" #PopCulture #AnissaJones #nostalgia #60s #vintage #JohnnyWhitaker #retro #nostalgic #classicTV
  6. I had to go to PBS to find a mention of his party affiliation in the headline. Larry Householder was helped by other Ohio Republicans in this fraud. Former GOP Ohio House speaker sentenced to 20 years for role in $60M bribery scheme.
  7. 👋Welcome new Post people. We're nice here. #Explore #Opinion
  8. We were recently out of the country for 12 days - what a blessing not to hear the words Trump, Musk, Greene, or DeSantis. You know what another blessing was? To be in countries where deaths caused by gun violence are almost non-existent (Netherlands, Belgium). We came back to
  9. #Music
  10. 46 years ago today…the Michael Stanley Band released their legendary Stage Pass album, recorded from three live performances at the Cleveland Agora. #Music Photo Ad Cleveland Scene March 1977
  11. I just stumbled onto this amazing Rickenbacker 660 Burl MapleGlo 6.85 Pounds, balances perfectly on knee & on strap. Feels solid & refined, Made In USA The sound, jangle, chime, glassy sparkle, warmth, clarity, definition, rocking crunch. So pleased!
  12. I see you I see love I see America 🎶🔥 #Music
  13. I read a crooked headline on a crooked page There's a crooked leader on a crooked stage But he seems to think he's standin' tall Turns out it's all crooked, y'all #Music
  14. Support #biodiversity . Build #gardens , not lawns. Save wildlife and biodiversity by eating #plantbased .
  15. Enjoy #Music
  16. Look up.
  17. Jon Stewart conducts a master class in how to deal with gun zealots. This should be required viewing for every single journalist in America. I implore you to take a few minutes to watch this and share.

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