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  1. Iran Launches Attack on Israel

    Obviously concerning, but also kind of weird in that we can see the attack being launched literally hours before it actually arrives. It's kind of like the implications several years ago of watching the tsunami hit Japan in realtime, knowing people were dying, just not in up clos
  2. We played our first game of Hirelings tonight. It's actually pretty cool. Character creation was very quick and easy. For a game where the rulebook is only 28 pages, it's surprisingly robust. You know the traditional adventurers like a knight or wizard? Yeah, you're not them. You
  3. Doom! DOOOOOOMMM!!! #eclipse
  4. Bullseye must have been broken his leg and been shot because with "Toy Story 5", Disney is really beating that dead horse.
  5. Okie dokie... This is literally around the corner from where I used to live. Guess I left too soon.
  6. 😮 ... WTF?!
  7. Been dealing with an injured wrist lately, and I've been trying to compensate and adjust to having a partially-working hand. But discovering today that it's nearly impossible to twist open an Oreo with one working hand is the final straw and has me begging for death.
  8. Putin is winning the Russian election with 88% of the vote. I wonder who the other 12% were ("were" being past tense).
  9. This guy's commercials were constantly on TV for as long as I can remember. Almost as much a part of LA as Dodger Stadium. Because "I'll fight for you!" So, um, when can we start on the dead lawyer jokes without it being in bad taste?
  10. Beware the March of Ids!
  11. “'The rats eating our marijuana, they're all high,' Police Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick told New Orleans City Council members." Feels like there's more to unpack with that statement...
  12. Lost an icon who had incredible influence, especially as many Americans' gateway to manga and anime. RIP.
  13. Don't worry too much about Donny's $355 million fine. I'm sure he'll just get Mexico to pay for it. 🤣
  14. The new trailer for "Godzilla x Kong" has some hints that they could be going in the direction I thought they would with the franchise,, that computer animation looks so cartoony! A touch better than it looked in the first teaser, but still...
  15. Not a Swiftie in any sense, but what I do love is watching the Right lose its shit over something as frankly insignificant as Taylor Swift attending the Super Bowl. Almost makes the Chiefs being in the game worth it.
  16. 🤔 Hmmm...I have to admit, that's a creative solution, or a previously unproduced GotG movie.
  17. Headline on my phone from the Washington Post: "DeSantis edges Haley to finish second". No, WP. Just no. So much no. Please don't give me that image. 🤢 🤮
  18. This is your periodic reminder that someone having a different opinion from yours about a movie is a direct attack on you as a person and you should take it very personally.
  19. With all the attention going the Mickey Mouse, not many seem to be paying attention to the fact that Popeye becomes public domain next year. And in terms of horror movie versions, this property lends itself way more to horror than the others in the public domain. It wouldn't even

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