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Eclectic, unashamed liberal, singer, sometimes reporter, hopeful vanlifer.

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  1. For your listening pleasure - Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit! #stpatricksday #saintpatricksday
  2. Just curious if anyone who follows me is actually paying attention. For your listening pleasure.
  3. 💥🔥BREAKING: The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals voted to allow domestic abusers to have access to firearms, even if they have a restraining order filed against them. This is just insane! So are they gonna allow felons to have firearms next? Republicans are hell bent on getting a
  4. I sincerely believe that Ron DeSantis lost any hope of winning the presidency this week. Standing by while the state requires girls to submit information on their menstrual cycles to school officials? It's over. He may win the nomination, but he's not gonna win the general. Democr
  6. Republicans now warning that releasing Trump’s tax returns could mean releasing Supreme Court justices’ tax returns. Exactly. For example, Americans deserve to know who paid off Brett Kavanaugh’s $92,0
  7. 988 is a new phone number that recently went live to help people get help in a mental health crisis. Similar to 911, this line is dedicated for anyone in need of mental health assistance of any kind.
  8. According to @lastweektonight the first post on Post is supposed to be of a cuddly animal. I apologize for being lax on that. This is my #kitty Bastian cuddling his stuffed #penguin
  9. The six perfections (paramitas) are classical virtues in #Buddhism that train the mind and better the world. Here are ways I'll be trying to apply them on Post. 1. Generosity (dana) . By all means, sm
  10. Yes indeed.
  11. Before the World Wars, meat and dairy were much more of a luxury than they are today, something that only the privileged few could afford to eat regularly. To the average man in the street, it was the

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