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  1. The thoughtful, progressive classicists in our midst might like this essay.
  2. The state attorney general DeSantis is removing was elected by the people to do his job, free from political interference. This is what an autocrat does. DeSantis must be stopped.
  3. This weekly news / social summary seems to satisfy an itch when I’m otherwise taking a break from news and social media.
  4. The bird may be dead, but Twitter—er, X—is still alive for communities, news, and memes. By Amanda Hoover The bird is dead, but zombie Twitter is not. Since Elon Musk bought Twitter, the platform has survived rate-limiting, massive staff cuts, suspensions of journalists, hemorrhagi
  5. Research carefully before taking berberine

    tldr; berberine might be a good supplement, but is as strong as a real drug, and is sold without the same scientific or regulatory rigor as pharmaceuticals. My take: buyer beware, more rigorous research needed, and if you do buy, investigate product quality (ie potency, consistenc
  6. As white-collar workers surf the web in air-conditioned comfort, delivery drivers are moving ecommerce packages through record temperatures. By Caitlin Harrington On the day that Salem, Oregon, smashed the record for the highest known temperature west of the Cascade Mountains two s
  7. By Jill Roberts, Associate Professor of Global Health, University of South Florida Humans get sick with listeria infections, or listeriosis, from eating soil-contaminated food, undercooked meat or dairy products that are raw, or unpasteurized. Listeria can cause convulsions, coma,

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