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Shawn DePasquale


Writer, letterer, editor, podcaster


I like ska, pizza, comics, and writing. Not always in that order.

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  1. Post is like being in the library.
  2. WGA Staffing Boost!

    STAFFING BOOST: My action film is in the top 10% on Coverfly. A horror-comedy feature I co-wrote was an official selection for Shockfest. I am the CCO of Macaulay Culkin's comedy project Bunny Ears, and I've been comic writer/NYT bestseller Charles Soule's story editor for over a
  3. Looking for Work

    Hey friends, Currently on the hunt for work after Screen Rant unceremoniously laid me and a bunch of other people off. I've got tons experience as a EP's assistant, a writer, a comic book letterer/editor, and am a very quick learner. Please spread the word. You can also email shaw
  4. Two Holidays Are Better Than One

    I grew up Jewish and never had Christmas. Then I met my future wife, an atheist who adores the season because of how it brings together family and now I get both Hanukkah and a tree and lots of presen
  5. Spooky.
  6. All of this.
  7. Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special was insanely fun! And sweet. Can't wait for GOTG Vol 3
  8. My fiance is officially a lawyer now!
  9. I am a post now..

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