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Steve Harris


Mystic. Writer. Husband. Artist. Father.

The name's Steve. I'm a soon-to-be realtor, and I'm glad to be here. Lots of thoughts to share. Will update this bio later.

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  1. Loving the new updates to Post!!
  2. Really glad Post keeps delivering little bits of wholesome content. That's refreshing. Also, I can't state enough how happy I am to be on this journey of discovery with you all! And I'm going to try t
  3. I know what you're thinking: we need a two minute Broadway musical wrap up of everything that's happened on Post in 2022. Good news - it's here! I hope you enjoy this little holiday gift from me to al
  4. Advent

    Advent is quiet and charming for my family this year- a perfect atmosphere for the season. I met my now-husband in the autumn of 2012, and we started a tradition of lighting an Advent wreath in our ho
  5. Vibes

    Continuing to feel happy about being accidentally let in early to the site and being here with all (currently) 59,000 of you. How will Post be used ultimately? Who knows? One thing I’ve learned about
  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Posties!!
  7. I asked DALL-E to create a painting of Post on Thanksgiving . Incredible!
  8. Our ten-year-old doggie, Rosie. She’s such a sweetheart.
  9. Watch 1899 on Netflix

    1899 is the Netflix series to watch, made by the same folks who made Dark. The eight episodes are incredibly slow. However, I promise you it pays off. If you haven’t already watched Dark , I also stro
  10. I like Post, its simplicity and aesthetic. It has a rugged pioneering feeling that's refreshing
  11. Bunnies are ready to take over another platform.
  12. This explains what I’m doing here. Chess move or not, I’ll count it as a serendipity.
  13. Obligatory First Post

    Yes, so I've accepted this site is still in its whole "Beta" stage and what have you, but the moment I saw the format, I couldn't help but be drawn to it. The uncluttered design is magnificent. I feel

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