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  1. Sounds like that didn’t go well.
  2. Great article on the Saudi’s, Kushner and Trump. Follow the money.
  3. Max and I are sending out ❤️. Treats are his love language. What is yours?
  4. President Biden: “Look – a lot of Republicans, their dream is to cut Social Security and Medicare. Well, let me just say this: It’s your dream, but I’m gonna have my veto pen make it a nightmare”
  5. Full Snow Moon in Leo Ceremony. Wrote down what I wanted to release and what I wanted to bring more of into my life. Stated it out loud and burned the paper in a ritual . #energyhealing
  6. CA Senator Adam Schiff 2024
  7. Yes!
  8. Obama Added to Public Debt: $9,320,427,506,299 Percentage of Total Debt: 29.67 Trump Added to Public Debt: $7,804,591,681,202 Percentage of Total Debt: 24.84 Biden Added to Public Debt: $3,664,542,331,
  9. I’m beginning to wonder.
  10. After losing both my mom and brother within a year of each other, there is one thing that’s true. I have some very kind and caring friends.
  11. Not the kind of beacon of democracy I’d like us to be.
  12. Now this is diversity.
  13. “We are all Ukraine.”
  14. if this year were a movie, which would it be?
  15. I think how lucky I am to have had such strong female role models in every field from acting, journalism, civil rights, politics and in my own family to show women matter. RIP Barbara Walters
  16. Oh Greta. Perfection.

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