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  1. “The Republican majority is a rogues’ gallery of sociopaths, imposters, criminals, liars and unworthy men and women who will sustain the United States in a constant state of chaos, uncertainty and non
  2. #Ukraine #US #USAID #StandWithUkraine
  3. Everyone needs to understand that what we saw on #Janury6th was a rehearsal. A dry run for what the Republican Party wants to continue doing. There’s a reason why they talk about these grievances over
  4. Understand that Republicans are quite possibly letting George Santos — a pathological liar and likely criminal — cast the deciding vote on who is Speaker of the House of Representatives. That’s how li
  5. Today, for the first time in American history, a major political party will have no white men in its top leadership positions in the House. Leader: Hakeem Jeffries (NY-8) Whip: Katherine Clark (MA-5) Cha
  6. When a political party becomes a cult of personality around a fraud like Donald Trump , the likes of George Santos will inevitably follow. The scandal of George Santos reflects the Trumpian rot at the
  7. I cannot believe we are in 2023 and not one complicit politician has been indicted for Jan 6
  8. It's now 726 days since Donald Trump's Jan 6 terrorist attack. Not only has Trump not been charged with even one crime, he's now running for President where he's actively spewing more lies to delegiti
  9. #Ukraine #UkrainianVoices
  10. Take a minute to watch President Zelensky's address to his people. I am convinced that when the history of this war is written, there will be volumes devoted to Zelensky's oratory skills and his maste
  11. Is there a dark mode?
  12. President Biden’s big push on federal judges
  13. PLEASE take a few minutes to watch this AND once you do, CIRCULATE WIDELY. There is no way Glenn Kirschner’s should be the ONLY prominent voice on this. This is ‘front page’ material.
  14. Never forget. Never. #trump #murdoch #foxnews #news #politics #uspol #uspolitics #tuckercarlson #tucker #murdochguttermedia #republicans #gop #gqp #resist #resister #resisters
  15. Starting on January 1st, 2023, the price of insulin will be capped at $35 a month for senior citizens on Medicare. Happy New Year!
  16. Turns out that electing a POTUS with decades of congressional experience plus two terms as VP makes for very effective governance! Thank you Mr President!
  17. This photo might not seem like much. President Biden sitting with 65 bills he is going to sign before the end of the year, but I’d argue something like this photo matters far more about his popularity
  18. Pursuant to the court's order, motions for sanctions against Kari Lake and her attorneys were filed this morning in Arizona.

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