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  1. Didn't see that coming.
  2. NEW: Mego Mobile Madness, 1976 - check out all the Superheroes’ rides around town. #vintage #nostalgia #PopCulture
  3. No surprise.
  4. Disney filed a lawsuit against Ron DeSantis in federal court today saying he waged a "relentless campaign to weaponize government power.” It was “anti-business” & “unconstitutional.” Maybe DeSantis had a horrible time when he got married at Disney, and this is his retaliation. That
  5. By: Andrew Feinberg Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said President Joe Biden will cruise to re-election if he spends the next year and a half challenging corporate power and “delivering” for everyday Americans of modest means. Mr Sanders, an Independent who ran for president as a De
  6. The 9 justices of the U.S. Supreme Court are the only members of the federal judiciary not governed by a code of conduct. If the Court won't enact its own, Congress can and must. #USNews
  7. By: Josh Funk, The Associated Press Rail unions want railroads to take some of the billions they're using every year to buy back their stock and spend it to improve safety in the wake of several high-profile derailments and hire more workers. The 12 unions that represent all of the
  8. If the guy is innocent why is the Party all up in arms about? Let the guy have his day in court. If he were to win the case I think it would be a better political win than saying it was and is a witch hunt.
  9. wouldn't it be great if NY, Ga and the Fed all showed up on the same day with multiple papers to be served.
  10. As we yearn for accountability and await more violent incitement from the Malignant One as indictment beckons, it seemed like the right time to share this earlier work of mine:
  11. need a laugh? yesterday, shouty half-dressed degenerate Jim Jordan went to the border to do a 'border crisis' photo-op and he couldn't find a single fucking migrant. not one. zip. nada. now tell me that isn't performative-nonsense clownshoes fucknuttery at its finest
  12. Why is there so much Republican outrage about Ohio? I don't remember them being concerned about Flint Mich. I wonder why that is?
  13. I hope people realize there are not Red/Blue states. Yes states lean one way or another, but people from both and no side live in every state.
  14. Not a good sign.
  15. Trump now has a real, serious laptop scandal on his hands. It could be direct proof that he violated the Espionage Act.
  16. Jack Smith has moved up the food chain to subpoena Mike Pence. How soon before he urges indictments for the mob boss?
  17. Ha
  18. "The United States is not a safe or healthy place to live. To change that, we need to drastically reduce the number of guns in the US. But we also need to figure out how to become a nation that cares

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