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Undefeated all-time champion of getting through today

I cook a lot of food. I try to knit. Green thumbs. KitchenWitch. Love to take pics. I try to see the magic in the mundane, it's there if you look. LOVE my family. Never met a nazi I wouldn't punch. 😷Wear a mask, you're worth protecting. ❤️ She/her

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  1. This is so nuts and corrupt
  2. DeSantis is more than just a bully.

    I keep hearing people referring to DeSantis' attacks on Black/Trans/Gay/Disabled people, women and immigrants as "bullying". Would they have referred to Hitler as a bully? The dehumanization, use of l
  3. Hakeem Jeffries, a real Speaker. #Politics
  4. Kevin McCarthy is reminding us: You can NOT appease fascists! After Jan 6, McCarthy slammed Trump. But 2 weeks later he was at Mar-a-Lago groveling to Trump. McCarthy could've done right thing for Ame
  5. It grates on my very soul that the Proud Boys can chant in Virginia that "you will not replace us." But in Mecklenburg, Virginia there are graves that are literally being torn up and Microsoft has pai
  6. Open letter to US journalists

    Dear Journalists, Please do due diligence when reporting on Republicans who are using their platforms to attack LGBTQ people in rhetoric and legislation. Make the parallels to history, the cruel regim
  7. In researching my book on disinformation, I have been learning a lot about how authoritarians use communication to manipulate the public. Trump’s recent post on Truth Social, below, uses many of the o

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