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  1. Enjoying a much needed vacation in our converted bus. From Oregon to Idaho to Utah, so far. Next stop Colorado! #skoolieconversion #skoolie #norainthebus
  2. How my March 2024 went... #1secondeveryday #1se #1sed
  3. 🚍

    New tires for our bus! We went with Toyo tires and we are quite pleased. The ride is smoother and the new tires make our skoolie look sharp. We appreciate Les Schwab for getting the job done so quickly and throughly. Their techs are awesome! You can see our full post on our Insta
  4. A new wave of startups is tackling a huge emissions source: wildfires

    The growing field of ​“firetech” is reinventing the age-old practice of prescribed burns and devising other novel methods of preventing and suppressing fires. There’s no doubt that the threat of wildfires is growing more and more dire as greenhouse gas emissions continue to warm t
  5. Stolen ruby slippers from "The Wizard of Oz" returned to owner in ceremony at Minnesota's Judy Garland Museum

    Stolen ruby slippers from "The Wizard of Oz" returned to owner in ceremony at Minnesota's Judy Garland Museum. Hollywood historians believe seven pairs of ruby slippers were made for the film, with four still in existence. The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, whi
  6. Young environmentalists look to shake up Panama’s politics

    Buoyed by forcing the closure of a vast copper mine, a new generation of eco-conscious candidates are taking on the ‘shameful and corrupt’ status quo in general elections. Before Panama’s general election, thousands of young environmentalists marched through the streets of Panama
  7. Washington Is Now the Seventh State to Require LGBTQ+-Inclusive Curricula In Schools

    Washington has passed a law that will push public schools to adopt LGBTQ+-inclusive curricula, making it the seventh state to mandate the inclusion of LGBTQ+ topics in school materials. Governor Jay Isnlee signed Senate Bill 5462 into law on March 18. Under the law, Washington sch
  8. Mushroom spores being released under a spotlight. 🍄
  9. Littleton is the latest Colorado city to ban retail sale of cats and dogs

    Littleton recently passed a law banning the retail sale of cats and dogs, joining 15 other Colorado cities in a bid to decrease commercial breeding operations. The ordinance, which passed the Littleton City Council with a unanimous vote on March 5, was first introduced in January
  10. Tennessee becomes the first state to protect musicians and other artists against AI

    Tennessee made history this month, becoming the first U.S. state to sign off on legislation to protect musicians from unauthorized artificial intelligence impersonation. The Ensuring Likeness Voice and Image Security Act, or ELVIS Act, is an updated version of the state's old rig
  11. For a new generation of American kids, a woman’s place is on the quarter

    The faces of 20 diverse women are joining the founding fathers on American currency. Educators see it as a chance to expand how U.S. history is taught. When the Mint’s American Women Quarters program concludes next year, it will have elevated the stories of 20 women from diverse b
  12. Love this little moth. — "Bagworm moth" caterpillars make little log cabins for their cocoons from pieces of cut twigs.
  13. Here are the women chosen for Barbie's newest role model dolls

    It's Women's History Month, and Barbie has announced it is adding new dolls to its Role Models collection, based on real-life singers and actresses from around the world. Viola Davis, Shania Twain, Helen Mirren, Kylie Minogue, Lila Avilés, a Mexican director, producer, and screen
  14. The EU Just Banned Microplastics. How Are Companies Replacing Them?

    Microplastics-plastic particles up to five millimeters in size that are not biodegradable-are everywhere. They have been detected in over 1,500 different marine animal species. The average person consumes up to five grams per week. In a move to stave off further damage, the Europe
  15. Amazon deforestation falls more than 20% to its lowest levels in 5 years

    Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon dropped by 22.3% in the 12 months through July 2023. President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva made progress on a pledge to rein in the destruction that happened under his predecessor Jair Bolsonaro. Under the right-wing former president, destruction at
  16. Bill Gates-backed startup just launched that could remove 5,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

    Startup backed by Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures has engineered a hybrid technology that combines engineering with photosynthesis to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it underground. Plants naturally pull CO2 from the atmosphere and store it in their
  17. The IRS launches Direct File, a pilot program for free online tax filing available in 12 states

    IRS Direct File is now open in 12 states for “simple tax situations,” according to the U.S. Department of the Treasury. The Treasury estimates the pilot could cover about 19 million taxpayers, and hopes 100,000 filers will participate this season. Who’s eligible? Taxpayers in 12 p
  18. EU regulators pass the planet's first sweeping AI regulations

    European Parliament has approved sweeping legislation to regulate artificial intelligence, nearly three years after the draft rules were first proposed. Members of the parliament approved the AI Act with 523 votes in favor and 46 against. The EU says the regulations seek to "prote
  19. Tomorrow is Earth Hour. Are you ready?

    Last year, over 410,000 hours were given to our planet by supporters in over 190 countries and territories. This year, join in on making the #BiggestHourForEarth even bigger by spending 60 minutes doing good for the planet. Earth Hour is moment of unity that brings the world toget
  20. Green Dining: How Your Food Choices Can Drastically Reduce Emissions

    In a world where climate change is at the forefront of concerns, every action matters. One overlooked aspect of this is our food choices – what you put on your plate can have a big impact on greenhouse gas emissions and environmental sustainability. Our conscious decisions about w

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