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The Nighttime is the Right Time

Night Shift police supervisor in a small town. USAF Security Police K-9 veteran. Beer nerd. Enjoyer of alternative music, political podcasts and true crime books. I like your dog!!!

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  1. #GenX #Postmusic
  2. Heat Michael Connelly The National
  3. Home Movies

    It has been YEARS since I went through these videos. I’m a sucker for nostalgia. It was an exercise not without personal peril. Nearly every tape was replete with hours of my ex wife and her family. I
  4. I’m an absolute sucker for a good cover song #Postmusic #music
  5. 💀
  6. Going down the Ukrainian music rabbit hole tonight. I can’t speak the language but I know when I like a piece of music. #music
  7. I’m digging The Bad Guy on Prime Video right now. Once I got past the dubbed English, it’s a wild ride.
  8. Not gonna lie. Most of my posts will be pictures of Faryn. #dogs

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