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  1. Stupid question time: why aren't my hashtags working here?
  2. Dungeons and Doodles

    I have taken to coloring books to keep me focused during D&D nights. It took us so long tonight to get started that I had it almost half done before we had honestly started. Tonight's game is Curse of Strahd, which we do every other Saturday. This group was put together for our fr
  3. Migraines suck.

    Enough said, right? I had a headache last night and I should have known better than to simply go to sleep. Instead of taking meds, not to mention getting some water into me, I went to sleep. In the mo
  4. I think I've finished my holiday shopping? I hope I have? Outside of little stuff for the child, and stocking stuffers. Tomorrow we'll start decorating, though we won't do the tree until after the chi
  5. I did not imagine my first post here would be about the #WorldCup, but this is game is looking grim.

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