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Reporting on everything in the small form factor (SFF) PC world.

Australia Reporting on everything in the small form factor (SFF) PC world. Owned by @joshuas

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  1. Buying a Steam Deck in Australia? Here's what you need to know

    If you're thinking of purchasing a Steam Deck in Australia, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Valve, the company behind Steam and the Steam Deck haven't officially announced support for its handheld console in Australia, leaving many wondering why. Here are the key
  2. SwitchBot Blind Tilt receives update adding groups... Read with ads via this link or read on Post for 1 point.
  3. SwitchBot Blind Tilt receives update adding groups

    A little under a month of being available to the general public, SwitchBot Blind Tilt has received an update bringing the groups feature back, fixing a number of known issues, and taking Blind Tilt’s firmware to V2.0. ##What’s new? The big feature added in V2.0 is grouping. In the
  4. A 78% smaller Mac Mini is here! Not thanks to Apple

    Ever wanted a smaller M1 Mac Mini from Apple ? 78% smaller to be exact. Snazzy Labs over on YouTube has gone ahead and created a smaller Mac Mini, while keeping all functionality and even beat Apple in
  5. Lenovo’s LEGION brand isn’t a fan of Framework’s 3D printed power button

    In a tweet sent out by Framework yesterday , the company shared that Lenovo lawyers aren’t too fond of Framework’s 3D printed case’s power button design, suggesting it looks too similar to Lenovo’s LEG
  6. Google Pixel Watch review: 24 hours in…

    We’ve had the Google Pixel Watch in hand for just over 24 hours now, so it’s time for a first impressions and review. Is Google’s first watch holding up to the hype or is it not fit for purpose. As the
  7. My latest SFF build. A 2.4L PC powered by a Ryzen 5600G. The PC is small enough and light enough to be mounted underneath the desk. Making for the top to be clear and clutter free... ...Perfection.

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