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  1. Love V.P. Hate the dress.
  2. * sigh*
  3. Some people are obsessed with knowing whether someone is really racist "in their hearts" or whether they're just saying racist things for fame, money, etc. For that crowd, now you know Tucker Carlson is racist in his heart and in his very soul. It wasn't just a show.
  4. This is horrific. Child custody has become much more about parent's rights and the hurt feelings of adults than the best interest of the children.
  5. I'm coming to the conclusion the horrible police violence we see isn't just a function of a broken system of policing but a completely broken system. We worship guns and our ability to exercise control over other people. We let school children and their teachers be shot to pieces
  6. The video of Paul Pelosi's assault is horrifying. The people who lied about or made light of the terror he endured should be ashamed. I know they won't be, though.
  7. This is a great series.
  8. Who wants to live like this?
  9. A fugitive from justice, and inveterate liar, is about yo be sworn in as member of the United States House of Representatives. It's an international embarassment.
  10. This NY Post story about George Santos is even worse than the Times follow-up. Everything was a lie. Every single thing and Republican pols knew it.
  11. People have got to do better. How did they vote for this person? Not a single word be said was true. He never graduated from college, never worked for Citigroup, never lost employees in the Pulse mass
  12. Good.
  13. Oh, come on.
  14. Interesting hypothesis. I'm Gen X and recall being 17 or 18 and having to figure out how to call and pay for a cab (something my family had never done). I felt so anxious until the task was successful
  15. It's been so long since I turned off the news and read. I've missed it.
  16. Florida is a hell hole.
  17. I really wanted to see referrals of these crooked lawyers to their respective bar associations. I have been so disappointed in their behavior over the last few years.

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