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Silicon Valley

Digital media since Y2K. Alum of Cal Poly SLO, TechTV, Yahoo, Roku, etc. SiliValley native, prefers beaches. Dadops master.

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  1. Nice to look up in the #bayarea and see something other than gray this afternoon. #cawx #weather
  2. Incredible story. First everyone assumed some tech in the car failed. Why else was it so quickly and loudly ID’d as a Tesla in various news stories? Then the car was celebrated as a family somehow sur
  3. Happy New Year! Great hike on soaked trails above Palo Alto to start 2023. Views to San Francisco, Oakland, and beyond. #bayarea
  4. Ben Harper Faces The Music At Harry’s House

    I've been a longtime fan of Ben Harper and have seen him play live many times. My girls got to see him recently at The Forum in LA, opening for Harry Styles. Great read from Spin here about what it's
  5. First post! Spending my Saturday evening trying to figure out how to add a photo. 🥳

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