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Phd history student/political-marxist/history of leftism. “The only writer of history with the gift of setting alight the sparks of hope in the past, is the one who is convinced of this: that not even the dead will be safe from the enemy, if he is victorious. And this enemy has not ceased to be victorious.“

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  1. Where’s all the post-modern neo-Marxist moralists in college faculty? Instead it’s a bunch of neoliberal white dudes with title IX complaints
  2. Marx really said “what if I put all the fun stuff in 3 page long footnotes?” Make fun of political economists in the main text more bestie
  3. There probably wasn’t any Elon Musk car harasser, but god I wish there was.
  4. Reactionaries love to posit their moral panics in the framework of “civilizational decline” (the stripping of their power, of course), yet civilization sadly never gets destroyed and instead right win
  5. God I really wish I was playing ZA/UM’s award winning RPG Disco Elysium right now
  6. Historians really will write about some of the most horrific institutional shit you’ve never heard about and then in the conclusion call for like most of that institution, but better this time.
  7. Political science departments really be like: “to counteract the postmodernist, neomarxist texts forced upon you in biology 101, here are a bunch of tests written by fascists sympathizers to give you
  8. Enlisting in the war against the woke mind virus on the side of the woke mind virus. First we destroy Christmas Happy holidays
  9. Imagine you pay money to see your fav transphobe comedian and the guy begins making fun of you specifically for being poor in defense of a billionaire. Gotta be like the inverse of a Joker moment.
  10. Unsurprising given that internal fbi reports have shown fascists composing significant portions of US law enforcement too.
  11. As a leftist, I have been insulated in my hive-mind political bubble where I get all my info from peer reviewed academic books/articles. Unlike the free thinkers on the right getting their info from c
  12. Musk after getting booed by the radical Marxist transgender woke Dave Chappelle audience members: “ erm, actually is was only 10% boos. I am neither mad nor owned, pls do not say I’ve been owned!”
  13. You all do understand he has replatformed Nazis, coddled up to fascist accounts for advice, coddled up to an account that inspired a hate crime mass shooting, and you think this right-wing uncle normi
  14. The funniest thing about the Musk debacle is that he has true centrist/liberal fans who thought a billionaire was ever truly on their ideological side lmao
  15. Libs be looking directly at the Hitler particles within the bourgeoisie and petit-bourgeoisie and demand they say “sorry” right now. Yes, an apology will surely make things better.
  16. Threatening with higher prices is so funny because it’s just gonna incentivize stealing more. Good praxis by Walmart.
  17. Alright, so where are all the funny leftists accounts? Where’s leftist infighting Post?
  18. Perhaps keeping the youth uninterested in making this hellscape better is actually a bad thing?

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