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Concerned citizen speaking up to push for children’s safety from gun violence, & everyone else’s; environmental & equal justice; saving Democracy from hate, lies & fascism.

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  1. Thank you Jon Stewart
  2. #politics #news Plain and simple
  3. Horrifying that DeSantis/DeSatan can ask for this kind of medical information. Isn't this against Hippa?
  4. #politics #news
  5. #politics #news
  6. #politics #news
  7. Watch Inherit the Wind with Spencer Tracy.
  8. #politics #news
  9. EXCLUSIVE: Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg to speak with MeidasTouch host Karen Friedman Agnifilo about the sentencing of the Trump Organization, what comes next, and more. Watch LIVE at 8:30p ET/5:30p PT.
  10. Good night Peeps! Just remember you get to choose who you want in your life. Stop spending time and worry on people that don’t return it.
  11. Brazil is moving at very fast speed investigating the top layer who funded & incited the mob instead of focusing on the morons for 2 years…I’m actually jealous of Brazil’s justice system!
  12. Now in US/Can: Please see SAINT OMER—excellent film by first-time director Alice Diop. SO is #3 on my ten best films of 2022 . #BlackPost
  13. This is infuriating. I can't even imagine how humiliating this must have been.
  14. Republicans attacking me on Twitter the Friday before MLK weekend for something I wrote about Fannie Lou Hamer last May is on brand. Apparently they don't believe violating Black citizens' right to vo
  15. It’s frustrating as f**k watching Kevin McCarthy and his GOP grunts, who attempted to overthrow an election, held with zero accountability.
  16. What is wrong with the NYT’s that they published an op-ed by political hack, Sewer Rat Barbie, to spew her lies and “alternative” facts on tRump. Really sad.

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