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Long Island, NY

Raised in Texas. Living on Long Island since 2000. Former underachiever trying to catch up.

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  1. A year ago, all major economists were predicting a recession as the Fed moved to raise interest rates to battle inflation. But Joe Biden’s and the Democrats’ investment in infrastructure and manufacturing kept the job market strong and resilient, and now there is almost no talk o
  2. By Dan Rather Two tragic news stories out of Florida this week challenge us to consider how we frame current events. It may feel unseemly to discuss the messy world of politics in the midst of acute pain. But to ignore what is happening in places like Florida, and elsewhere, is to
  3. Hi Posters, The far right has unleashed homophobic hate against me on other platforms, but I won't be intimidated. We want to build our platform here on Post so we can continue our conversations on a harassment-free site. Can you please REPOST this post and FOLLOW us so we can grow
  4. My law firm is currently litigating 48 voting and election cases in 18 states. The future of democracy remains on the docket.
  5. This should be rePosted every day so it gets the attention it needs.
  6. If you want to check out books, movies, and more, you'll need a BPL library card. Teens 13 and older can apply for their own card - all you need is a school ID, a report card (don't worry we won't look at your grades), or working papers. Find out how to get one here . Lose your c
  7. You gotta just love Katie Porter She's reading, 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life' By Mark Manson
  8. “Just as marital coverture merged the identity of the woman into that of her husband, leaving only one person standing—the man10 —so fetal coverture merges the identity of the woman into that of her f
  9. If McCarthy has truly promised the extreme extremists a one member initiated snap vote to oust him, he seemingly wants the office for the sake of having the office, and not to act in it.
  10. From a couple months ago. A beautiful day in Montauk!
  11. Dear Justice Alito - aka “Sammy the Leaker,” “Squawkin’ Sam,” and “Justice A-leak-o” - it’s not the people’s job to blindly accept claims of legitimacy. It is the Court’s job to act in a legitimate fa

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