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  1. Still true today... another thing is Carlin didn't distinguish party (since it was a monologue about the ENTIRE corrupted system we have; because not all is at it seems when some of things we see in t
  2. I watched it. As bad as you can imagine, it's worse. What a fucking nightmare. I'm just going to leave this here. #TyreNichols
  3. SCOOP! Many top donors to George Santos' 2020 campaign, uh, don't seem to exist. My colleague Noah Lanard and I tried to contact these donors and found addresses and names that could not be confirmed.
  4. Every single one needs to apologize.
  5. And still he's in Congress ...IOKIYAR
  6. President Biden called the family Friday afternoon in a 10-minute conversation that Nichols’s mother said was “beautiful.”
  7. #santos #gop #politics
  8. True!!!
  9. I’m with her!
  10. For 2019, the top 1% (by reported income) received ≈21% of all adjusted gross income and paid ≈24% of all federal, state, and local taxes. Based on reported income, it appears the overall tax system i
  11. hey friends & followers, can I ask a favor? we're in the FIRST DAYS of some necessary fundraising over at Smirking Chimp, the politics web site I publish. we depend entirely on the good folks who dona
  12. holy fucking shit, Al Franken posed for a stupid photo and was forced to resign. Matt Gaetz is under investigation for sex trafficking and he's allowed to hang around and fuck things up for his own pa
  13. Having worked on the frontlines of the covid vaccination campaign since day one, overseeing hundreds of vaccination events and communication campaigns across many red states, you can be certain I’ve d
  14. What’s Entering the Public Domain in 2023: Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse, Franz Kafka’s Amerika & More
  15. If any Democratic legislatures need ideas for expanding voting rights in their states, I am happy to make suggestions.
  16. holy fucking shit, how fucking broken inside do you have to be to get off on herding desperate asylum-seekers onto buses and shipping them off into the cold who the fuck cares where. what the fuck is

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