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  1. Biden's team is doing good work here. 🇺🇸 The stark film quality showing Trump’s age was a good choice.
  2. Support Vote Vets “We’re not much in the business of defending Nikki Haley, but over the weekend Trump made fun of her husband, Michael Haley, for not campaigning with his wife. One problem: Major Michael Haley is deployed, serving his country. But Trump wouldn’t understand that. He
  3. Exactly how I feel.
  4. This has always been the GOP's strategy: 1) Cut taxes for the wealthy & corporations by claiming they'll pay for themselves. 2) Explode the deficit. 3) Threaten privatization or cuts for Social Security and Medicare. 4) Repeat. Don't let them get away with it.
  5. Why don’t year-end summaries about the economy mention this year’s record high corporate profits, unprecedented levels of corporate concentration, highest-ever CEO pay, or record levels of corporate p
  6. Maybe instead of tossing the constitution, we should boot the Bible out of our government.
  7. In the last few days Trump has called the Justice Department, the FBI, New York, our country, the media, big tech, Democrats, the DNC, RINOS, elections, and law enforcement corrupt. He is talking abo

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