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Genre writer and editor for hire specializing in genre fiction.

Writer. Editor. Podcaster. Film fanatic. Unrepentant geek. Works on Simon & Schuster’s Star Trek novels and Modiphius’s Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game. He/Him

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  1. I blogged a few days ago. End of a month. End of a year. Time marches on! Writing/Editing/Reading Update, December Edition
  2. Just sitting here in Minnesota thinking PAY THE WRITERS AND ACTORS, DAMMIT! #WGA #SAGAFTRA
  3. Was it Shakespeare or Bacon who said “I stand with my fellow creatives and against greedy capitalist fucks”? #WGA #SAGAFTRA
  4. Got to see my dear friend Kirsten Beyer at the Shore Leave con over the weekend. As many of you know, she works on the #StarTrek live-action series… but not right now because of the strike. Studios, PAY THE WRITERS #WGA
  5. I’m cranky, I’m chainsawing fallen trees instead of writing my WIP, and the #WGA is still on strike. DAMMIT, PAY THE WRITERS
  6. The #startrekprodigy news is disheartening, continuing the trend of streamers dropping shows. All I can say is PAY THE WRITERS #WGA
  7. Hey, studios and streamers… writers deserve fair compensation! Just PAY THE WRITERS #WGA
  8. Hey, kids! A bunch of my friends, professional acquaintances, coworkers, partners in crime, and fellow ne'er-do-wells of the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers have stories in this anthology, you should check it out!
  9. Since I haven’t yet said PAY THE WRITERS today… PAY THE WRITERS #WGA
  10. Chipped in with other #StarTrek fans to send a box o’ snacks to the picket lines today! PAY THE WRITERS #WGA
  11. The 1970s cartoon Sealab 2020 gets a dark update when Lovecraftian horrors rise from the depths in my story "The Shadows Under Mariana Base," included in the new Castle of Horror anthology, out 7/18. Preorder for the Kindle now!
  12. I Stand with the WGA

    The AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) needs to listen to the WGA and fix an industry upended by streamers, short seasons, and other changes that impact writers’ income. The people that write all that content deserve fair compensation!
  13. I may have blogged again. You be the judge.
  14. The Big Dark & Meet John Doe, by William Leisner and myself, is now available electronically through Biblioboard . And maybe through some Minnesota libraries? I'm still figuring all this publishing stu
  15. Just gathering up my name on another social media site! Shout out to my pals @fraize and @davidmack !
  16. Spot on!

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