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  1. "Stop the Steal" organizer Ali Alexander gave MAGA Rep. Gosar an early warning of Jan 6 violence.
  2. I’m very sad to learn about the death of NYT journalist Blake Hounshell. He first reached out to me when he was at Politico and made a couple of attempts to bring me on board there as an editor. It di
  3. WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Friday, Jan. 6, ​​the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless, Ohio Federation of Teachers, Ohio Alliance for Retired Americans and Union Veterans Council sued over Ohio’s new
  4. (Reuters) -Thousands of residents were without power near Tacoma, Washington, after three electrical substations were vandalized, local authorities said on Sunday, adding that it was not yet clear if
  5. Hospitals enduring massive blood shortages which means our treatment of patients w/ Post-partum bleeding, car accidents and other traumas is compromised You can give every 60 days. Please consider don
  6. Wall Street analyst for Oppenheimer, explaining why the firm has downgraded its rating for Tesla, says the owner of Twitter is generating a public backlash that will hurt TSLA's reputation, "particula
  7. Ohio Republicans passed a new law that will disenfranchise the military. If DeWine signs it, Ohio will be sued.
  8. Especially dangerous because of the greater trust people have in local news - see my 2019 Upshot column
  9. ANALYSIS: State lawmakers in Ohio have been able to pick and choose which local governments have the authority to pass laws. Conservative policies typically pass through and progressive ones tend to b
  10. SB14 has been filed in Missouri. If this bill passes, it will make it against the law to issue a correct birth certificate for transgender people. Missouri would join only Tennessee in banning birth c
  11. Some longer-form thoughts on why we should try to be more specific when we’re debating free speech, and the different values (rights, culture, and decency) we’re talking about.
  12. Post is hiring
  13. Twitter keeps breaking news as new management keeps breaking it, but I wanted to return to something Jack Dorsey wrote a few days ago: I’ll start with the principles I’ve come to believe based on every
  14. Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor's independent spirit earned her scorn & resistance from the party that once championed her — but she didn't react. "I did not want them to... portray t
  15. A Beginners Guide To Flight Tracking
  16. Yesterday Digital World Acquisition Corp/DWAC which plans to merge with Trump's Truth Social parent company Trump Media & Technology Group announced 3 resignations : Lee Jacobson resigned from the boar
  17. The official twitter account of Mastodon has been suspended

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