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Nancy Herr4


Refugee from Bird Land

Descendant of immigrants to Mass Bay Colony in 1635 and patriots in every war since the Seven Years War. Student of history. Enlightened critical thinker. Vaxxed and boosted. True Blue. BuxCo🦅PA to Arid🌵Zona

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  1. Wearing my lucky Iggles bling so the lads can take home The Ring. #FlyEaglesFly 🦅🦅🦅
  2. Whoo hoo We're going to the SUPER BOWL.. AGAIN 💚 🦅 💚
  3. Schmette

    I made the jump from the dodo. Same Philly girl. Same basket full of memes. Trying to find everyone again. If I made you laugh or say hmmm... I will follow back as soon as I learn to navigate here. I trul

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