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  1. Why am I so sticky?

    [Abruptly stands up] OMG I’m a cake. It all makes sense now. All the physical me that is me is like the sponge bit of the cake, and all the cool stuff that makes me cool me is the icing. And the scars that define me is the creamy creamy centre. I’m just going to pause there a mome
  2. Different triangle

    TRUTH! Hahaha you wanna definition of truth? Good luck not even Bibleguy(TM) answered that when he was asked so what chance have WE got? NONE. We’re destined to know all sorts of stuff but not that. Because every time we think we’ve got it it slips away behind another question. Sl
  3. Journey o’clock. Tangent FM switched on. Don them plugphones and tune in and tune out and tune it all about and also strap yourselves in. In to what? Whatever’s handy. Use that. That’ll do. Have you ever been unusually highly aware of something happening within the confines of you
  4. One week I’m writing about stress bananas and the next thing I know I get given a stress avocado for my birthday. Thank you, Morphic Resonance! Just like me, you are colourblind and are easily confused by different shapes. Or maybe something was lost in translation in the morphic
  5. Truly truly

    Is anything truly random? Or is nothing random? If nothing is random then “nothing” is a discrete entity we’re assigning it as random- ok I’m stopping this and will answer in poem form: beneath the sun upon a cloud/before a wish after a row/aside a tree beyond a hope/digital spac
  6. Way back when

    Just contemplating how life started in the first place. Like, waaaay back. Before us. Before dinosaurs. Before fish. Before plants and before goo. BG. Before Goo. Perhaps some random repetitive motion at a molecular level that just happened to keep going because the environment a
  7. Collywobbles

    I haven’t used the word humdrum in… many years? It’s been a while. I’m curious to know exactly how long though. You know, for science. Surely there’s enough data logged in my head that we could work this out? Just download my brain to a computer, convert it to a .csv file, do a s
  8. Metaphorical what now?

    There’s time now. Always is. Such time. Very now. Lookit you, Time, so present. Always present. With your first aid kit to heal all them wounds. And geez, there are a lot of wounds. Everyone has all the hurts. Just as well it’s a big first aid kit. Let’s have a look inside < trips
  9. Such love, very heart

    What a lovely day for some self examination. We could focus on how privileged we are (or aren’t), or we could ponder what exactly it is we as individuals are contributing to society, or we could even contemplate what “normal” means. So many options! How about considering the impa
  10. Edited for less clarity

    It’s… a… PHARMACY! There are shelves full of delights everywhere! Legs wax strips, sugar free lollies, and nebulisers. Nebulisers are essential to create nebulae, astronomical features that are best observed with a tellingscope (sold separately, batteries not included). And if yo
  11. Historians are gonna love us

    Is that all a book is? A bunch of words trying to explain a feeling? We’re trying so hard to feel something because we’re so displaced from living our lives in ways that we evolved to and were stuck with this trainwreck? I’m just kidding, humanity isn’t a trainwreck ++ winks++ But
  12. Possibly very important

    So I realised that if you’re ever asked if you want to live your life over without changing anything, it’s best to say no. Because if you answer yes they might immediately throw you back to being a baby and you’d have to go through the whole thing again. Up to the point where the
  13. (Beautiful sunset)

    I’d love to but I was thinking of an epic story where the protagonist is a dinner plate that never gets used. It is stacked in the middle of a pile of dinner plates and people always take the plates from above it or below it but through the mechanics of storytelling this particul
  14. Scrub scrub

    It’s the annual time of year to have a good clean up. That’s right! Don’t just dust off the couch, go on, give the house a good solid deep clean. Here, pull the bookcase away from-“SHE’S KATIE NOT KATE” oh that was wedged there, here open a window, flush it out, ahhh oh wait ther
  15. Crunchy numbers

    Number crunching is for computers, not teeth. There are body parts involved though. Fingers! Gotta use ‘em to tap them numbers in. Nine point seven nine two seven eight nine oh five okay that’s enough decimal places. BUT WAIT. TEETH. Teeth for number crunching 2023 is my new motto
  16. Shiny things

    So let’s play a game of 3 2 1 say out loud whatever comes to mind given a specific word or phrase. Ok the theme is “what did the person I’m listening to just say” 3 2 1 go BLOWED IF I KNOW wow they look surprised. Fortunately “blowed if I know” kinda fits right in with their mono
  17. Nominative determinism mixed with coffee

    Sure, it's true that nominative determinism happens. But I have an issue with the noun determinism. There's something very destiny-y about determinism. Like it was meant to happen. But surely the whole point of nominative determinism is less about it meaning to happen more about
  18. All aboard the washing machine!

    Buses vibrate. There. I said it. This one I’m on right now is humming like a washing machine and I am receiving an internal massage as we wait here at the traffic lights. I smile at the drivers next door in their little cars with my “you’re really missing out” look. They avoid ma
  19. The embodiment of happenstance

    Thinking back to the origin of life – you know, whatever sequence of events resulted in some sort of self-replicating organism to exist in the first place – I’m thinking I wasn’t there so what would I know. But if I was I’d be there on a deck chair, eating popcorn, and throwing a
  20. Bloop

    Someone said “it’s all happening” and I’m beginning to think that’s how happening works. All the things in the Universe that are happening are happening now. That's how happening works. It's like, no duh, the physical manifestation of everything that is currently present is kinda

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