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nee braeggadoon, nee gorgol

bay area

starting over / going back. Interests: affordable treasures, alasdair gray, ambition, asymmetry, bad spelling, beeswax, being old, benevolent nerds, black licorice, cherrios that get away, coasts, commas as seatbelts, complex characters, default sincerity, dioramas, doing dumb things, doppler radar, editing, experimental landscaping, feral kids, folklore, fraktur, full color, illustrated ocean liner postcards, little april showers, mangos, maps, mest up drawings, other people's houses, packages from my mom, pepper, poster books, scent nostalgia, self discipline, several things at onetime, simulacra, sleep talking, subtlety, tall tales, that which is nautical, tidal islands, white noise, your pet cat, your pet dog, zoos

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  1. Earthquake Post just doesn’t have the same ring

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