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Avid reader, crocheter, most projects completed to ~90% before losing interest. Retired military family just looking to change the world for the better for my kids and their pets. Also, fur is nature's confetti - sprinkle liberally for happiness. She/her, 🏳️‍🌈 ally, 🖤 lives matter.

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  1. I FINISHED IT! Over a YEAR and I finally finished it! That was the longest crochet project I've ever done. Arthritis is a b!tch.
  2. Happy holidays to you, which ever and how ever you choose to celebrate. Our tradition is to play games on Christmas Eve, make snacks, and open presents after dark. The games are played, the snacks are b
  3. What a tragedy. I cannot imagine the kind of hate he received for simply existing. Rest in peace, sir. Thank you for working to improve the future.
  4. One of our traditions is watching forgotten movies from the 80's & 90's. Tonight? "Judgment Night."
  5. Due to the geographic isolation of being a military family, holiday traditions in my house are very different than the ones I grew up experiencing. However, they are now the ones my kids crave, as oppo
  6. My 22yo kid is back for the holidays (with the grand-cats), the dogs are SUPER-excited, my cats are super-irritated, the kitchen is a mess from making pumpkin muffins, and... all is right with the wor
  7. All the social media apps started small with strange idiosyncrasies. Post will have its growing pains, but - as with all the others we've used - it will find it's rhythm. Here's to the next adventure!
  8. My lithe black kitty has BALANCE...
  9. Is it still a "graduation present" if it's not finished until 18months after graduation? Purely hypothetical, of course.

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