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  1. By Alex Woodward President Joe Biden has signed a proclamation to establish a national monument recognising the killing of Emmett Till , whose lynching in 1955 magnified an era of racist violence and galvanized a civil rights movement . The Emmett Till and Mamie Till-Mobley National
  2. President Roosevelt used an emergency declaration to reform American industry and save the world from fascism during World War II. The climate emergency is every bit as threatening to democracy and humanity: Biden must declare a climate emergency now!
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  5. ⚑️VANDY SUED: β€œ@VUMChealth is being sued by its transgender clinic patients, who accuse the hospital of violating their privacy by turning their records over to @AGTennessee Skrmetti.” #ScarySkrmetti
  6. need some good news? Republican Rep. Scotty Campbell, the fuckface who voted to expel the Tennessee Three and who also sexually harassed his interns has now RESIGNED
  7. need some cheering up? Alvin Bragg just told Jim Jordan to fuck off for a third time
  8. While Post experiments with its feeds and algorithms, make sure you are staying up to date on voting rights, elections & democracy news. Follow @democracydocket directly.
  9. My first post on POST. 😁

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