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Things I'm working on/trying to be better at being... a music maker, vegan, student, social impact advocate and evaluator, writer, steward of the earth, (oh, and spelling! until that edit function comes along :) My first Post:

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  1. I just had a pretty social media free holiday and I gotta say it felt really good! Feeling a bit stronger and refreshed. Happy New Year!
  2. Ukraine is holding the line for all of us. They're as tough as it gets. #thankyouUkraine
  3. Happy Winter Solstice!

    Made it through the shortest day of the year!! It's only gettin' better from here my friends! And check out this cool article with some #wintersolstice celebrations around the globe.. BTW did you know
  4. I'm not necessarily expecting a bombshell out of these taxes (other than the optics of paying so little that we already know about)...but then again, SO much effort in hiding them for SO long does mak
  5. Wondering if anybody has tried the "install post app" feature and how did it work for you? I understand the app is not in the App Store, but can somehow be installed following the instructions. Is thi
  6. WOW. Jan 6 committee refers Trump for prosecution for various crimes including violating 18 U.S,C. Section 2383 inciting an INSURRECTION: Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebe
  7. I hereby declare, in an effort to transmute perfectionism and work on getting my thoughts out, my Posts will be experiencing spelling 3rrors. (And please tell me when the Post edit function is availab
  8. cool way to connect w/ some more Posters
  9. @betgar this is for you! (and I have no idea if I am getting this to you correctly..I don't know how to send messages on here) I just saw that you followed me - thanks
  10. Daang... ha! #freespeech
  11. I did not really enjoy signing back into Twitter to vote on this, but per my earlier post (to be or not to be on the sites) this is at least one way to let opinion be known. So, if you're still on Twi
  12. still got the account, but just removed twitter app from my phone. feeling better already #babystepstogettwitteroutofyourlife
  13. To be (on the other social platforms) or not to be...

    So glad to be on here! No followers, no.. friends (do we have those on here?), sometimes that can be liberating. So I think I'll take a weight off my shoulders and let my thoughts fly! I'm looking for

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