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  1. Google and Match Group reach settlement in app store antitrust case:
  2. Plex becomes a social network with public debut of ‘Discover Together’
  3. Pebble, the Twitter alternative previously known as T2, is shutting down:
  4. Product Hunt cleans house with layoffs impacting 60% of staff:
  5. Instagram co-founders’ app Artifact now let you discover recommended places, too:
  6. Amazon adds social shopping features, including a way to ask friends for product feedback:
  7. Anti-ChatGPT app Superfy uses AI to match people for live chats and answers to queries:
  8. Reddit may have killed Apollo, but the developer’s Pixel Pals app has hit ~50K subscribers:
  9. X plans to use payment, phone and ID verification to stop bots, in addition to the new $1/yr fee:
  10. One year post-acquisition, X traffic and monthly active users are in decline, report claims:
  11. X’s new plan to lure subscribers? Partnering with Paris Hilton on a custom icon:
  12. Instagram head says Threads’ blocking of ‘covid’ and related terms is temporary, to lift in ‘weeks or months’:
  13. YouTube gets new AI-powered ads that let brands target special cultural moments:
  14. Mac users are embracing AI apps, study finds, with 42% using AI apps daily:
  15. ByteDance’s video editor CapCut targets businesses with AI ad scripts and AI-generated presenters:
  16. Netflix’s cloud gaming service begins tests in U.S.:
  17. After delays, X updates Community Notes fact-checks to improve speed and distribution:
  18. Bluesky gets its first third-party mobile app with Graysky, now available for pre-order:
  19. Google’s AI-powered search experience can now generate images, write drafts:
  20. Character.AI introduces group chats where people and multiple AIs can talk to each other:

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